Darren Ambler, Riverside, New Jersey

Darren Ambler resides in Southern- New Jersey within the Riverside- Willingboro NJ area. Darren is a Pharmacist who is employed by a Mail Order Pharmacy establishment in Florence Township NJ. He is a Perverted Pathological Liar, Con- Artist, Sex Addicted Psycho. Darren Ambler has serious psychological mentall problems. The problem is Darren Ambler feels he is normal and everyone else is “NUTS”. Which is typical I guess. Most Mentally Unstable people think they are “PERFECT” and everyone else is “NUTS”!; =====================================================================; Darren is a shy- reserved- intravert who seemed lonely and desperate for companionship and sex when we first me. I found out that Darren Ambler is a compulsive- sex starved freak- who is so selfish he i only concerned about his own sexual needs and desires. Darren used me impulsively for sex- oral sex- filthy pornographic acts and also I was used for lodging. Darren is odd for starters, obsessed with nudity and he is a “STALKER”! I was stalked by him for a while. He is a very scary and insexure person. Darren has little self-worth and he is not a stimulating person at all.; =============================================================; Darren demanded sex 5-6 times per week. He would leave work at 8 pm and arrive at my door un-announced ready to strip for sex. He had no other interests but sex and Perverted things. He is unfaithful and he lied to me repeatedly. He would have sex with me- demand oral sex then leave me and screw someone else. I caught him with a low- down Prostitute. Darren also slept with a variety of questionable charachters. He enjoys risky- secretive and filthy sex with women that have no moral fiber- or breeding. You would have to be immoral and very mentally screwed up to hop into bed with Darren Ambler.==============================================================; Darren suffers split personality disorder among other things. He seemeed distant at times- moody- pre occupied with nothing important. His vocabulary was, “SEX”- “SEX”- “ORAL SEX” “PORNO”! NUDITY” and “MORE SEX”! Darren is a very shallow- immoral- selfish- uncaring human being. Darren is very immature for a man of 39 ish years old. He is afraid of his own shadow and he avoids confrontation at all costs.==================================================; Darren is a sick- sociopath- liar- sex phene- needy- depressed- compulsive little immature baby. He told me once that he trimmed his pubic hair just for me- I thought that was very odd and strange. Darren is clueless and very unhappy. He spends his life lying- cheating- using- abusing helpless females and he abuses the Internet looking for his next female sexual victim==============================; Darren wants no relationship- he doesn’t know what relationships are all about. He wants sex- excitement- free lodging and no strings attached. Darren Ambler seemed to have an “UNHEALTHY” relationship with his Mother. Darren controls vulnerable females through sex and manipulation. he has no breeding or morals. He used to text me filthy rotten sick sex messages. Darren is not a nice guy he is an over sexed- beast with a Granny Complex!=====================================; Darren Ambler is an Obsessive Controlling Freak. Darren acts disconnected from reality- like he is from another Planet. Clueless and impulsive. He is an Internet addict- registered on as many as 45 web dating sites. Talk about sick and sexually obsessed! ========================; Darren used me and many other females for sex- fun and to fill his sick animal needs. He is very unattractive- no personality- no looks- ckeap- and his breath smells like rotten eggs and a sewage system combined. He is “LOUSY” in bed. Obsessed with “ORAL COPULATION”! A very sick- demented- mentally unbalanced freak of nature. ===============================; This sociopath is dangerous. He will sweet talk anyone into bed with himself. he seems sincere and caring but that is all an act. He has no conscience- Moral Fiber- or feelings. He mistreats women and i am sure others. Darren Ambler is a professional liar also. He has screwed Hookers- Married women- Old Maids- senior citizens. Darren has no limitations- he has sex with whomever says “YES”! Darren is sick- desperate and lonely. He gets a real thrill out of sex and oral sex with women 65 years to 80 years old. Darren is 39- that is VULGAR- SICK- PERVERTED- DEMENTED- SINFUL AND PLAIN IMMORAL FOR A 39 YEAR OLD MAN TO HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH A 67 YEAR OLD WOMEN. DARREN IS SO SO SICK AND SO SO DESPERATE. ===============================================; THIS MORON GIVES NO THOUGHT TO ALL THE DISEASES TRANSMITTED THRU CARELESS SEX! Darren simply does not get it. About the time our sex relationship ended Darren began screwig a 67 year old Senior Citizen. He performed oral sex on this elderly women along with regular sex. This women must be as sick and desperate as Crazy Darren Ambler is:; ===============================================================; I must have been in a trance to allow Darren Ambler control me and perform sex acts on me. I am trying to recover from the dreadful experience. God- Just picturing Darren nude makes me want to vomit. Darren Ambler looks 10x worse nude. Nothing below the belt but a tiny wee wee.; =================================================================; PLEASE Ladies- beware- be cautious on dating sites and other public forums. Avoid this scum bag at all costs. He is no good and wants one thing “DIRTY SEX”!!!!. Darren Ambler has no refinement or any conception of right and wrong. I think he is divorced. Who the hell could stand this ugly psycho????; ====================================================================; DARREN AMBLER IS 39 YEARS OLD FROM DELRAN NJ. WORKS AS A PHARMACIST IN NJ. SPENDS HALF HIS LIFE ON LINE STALKING WOMEN AND SEX. DARREN AMBLER IS 5FT 8 IN- 138 POUNDS- ROUND SHOULDERED- NO ASS- SKINNY LEGS- THIN BLONDE HAIR- DEEP SET EYES- THICK BI FOCALS / BLACK FRAMED- HIGH RASPY VOICE- NOTHING MASCULINE OR EXCITING ABOUT DARREN AMBLER.; HE ALSO DRESSES POORLY- NO STYLE NO NOTHING. A VERY BORING MAN. VERY COLD- UNFRIENDLY- UNRESPONSIVE./ HE WILL TRY TO CORRUPT YOUR MORALS. HE GETS THRILLS OUT OF SNEAKING AROUND AND HAVING DIRTY INDECENT SEX. HE PAINTS HIMSELF AS A MORAL UPSTANDING MAN- KIND HEARTED- HE IS NONE OF THOSE THINGS. A TRUE DR JECKYL, MR HYDE. SKITZO.; =============================================================; DARREN AMBLER IS SOCIOPATHIC AND DANGEROUS. HE WILL BRING HAVOC TO YOUR LIFE. EVERYTHING DARREN AMBLER DOES SEEMS INAPPROPRIATE. HE HAS NO SENCE AND POOR JUDGMENT. ASIDE FROM HIS HOMELY FACE- HE IS LOUSY IN THE SACK. COULD NOT SATISFY A WOMEN IF HE TRIED. HE IS A BAD PERSON FULL OF LIES- DECIEPT- SEXUAL OBSESSIONS AND DIRTY FANTASIES. DARREN MAY BE SPORTING A SHABBY BEARD. ACTUALLY A BEARD WOULD COVER THAT FACE UP IT MAY BE AN IMPROVEMENT. REGARDLESS- STAY AWAY FROM DARREN AMBLER. HE CAN PLAY WITH HIMSELF- WHICH I AM SURE HE HAS DONE MANY TIMES.; ==================================================================; PLEASE BE ON THE ALERT- GET THE WORD OUT TO FRIENDS- FAMILY ETC….DARREN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A DEMENTED SEX PREDATOR STALKING HIS NEXT HELPLESS VICTIM. DARREN TARGETS OLDER WOMEN BECAUSE HE KNOWS THEY TEND TO BE MORE VULNERABLE AND THEY WILL HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH A YOUNGER MAN. THEY SHOULD CALL DARREN AMBLER “THE SENIOR SCREWER”! HE IS A DISGRACE AND HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED ABOUT HIS OUT OF CONTROL INDECENT BEHAVIOR.