Danelle Sutherland Elliott, Alabama USAF, International

Her name is Danele Elliott and my son discovered emails of she as a Captain who soon after ranked Major to my Then and now thanks to throwing up and learning this of she and my Lt. Colonel husband Wade Herman. It was discovered while he was in Qutar. Tons of texts and phone calls while I was home with our three kids ignored. Ir was so bad that while I was trying to get through that my now ex husband blindsided our 13 year marriage while deployed and divorced me over a telephone to the Judge. Though people reported it he got things swept under the rug and still hurts is today. She told me when confronted she was sorry that he said he was separated. However she continued to talk to him after that and he was married and her boss not her boyfriend. It completely ruined three kids a marriage and a home. This woman has lost her husband years ago so it feels why she would speak or flirt or talk to a married man at all is beyond me but he is divorced now and yes he is scum to have done what he did but the fact of the matter is she never should have had to tell him that they could only be friends since technically he is married and then continues or even put that in his head to begin with. She gets to go on with her life but had she stayed out of our marriage she would have at least not been the girl to get caught inside it. It is called don’t talk to another woman’s husband if you don’t want to be exposed. Now we are divorced and I still have the emails that hurt me to this day that my life was home wrecked because a woman who got to be with my husband while I was home away raiding our children, took his attention and his heart from me.