Grace white, Grand haven, Michigan

My girlfriend broke up with me to be with one of her boss from work. She 16 and he’s like 30. Her name is Grace white and his name is like Scott singer. I mostly found she was cheating cause of my friend Riah. She said she caught them a few times kissing and grabbin each other at work. I don’t know why she left me for some big old fat dude. I peeped his profile on Facebook and it say he married to some big old lady like him and that they got a lot of kids. They work at Burger King together. I went through her gone before she left me and she was talking to him a hella lot. She was talking to another old dude that says married to. All I know is I want her back and I can’t unless old dude brakes up with her. I don’t think dudes wife even know he cheating on her. But yea Grace white is 16 and Scott singer is 30 and work at Burger King in Grand Haven MICHIGAN.

Bo Dana Rupert, Coffeyville, Kansas

Meet Bo Dana Rupert. He was in a relationship with a good girl and they had plans to marry. She was in the hospital having lifesaving surgery. The day she was having surgery, this scumbag was looking for anal sex and someone to spank his butt with a hairbrush on Craigslist. He hooked up with girls and guys through Facebook too. My friend paid all the bills while Bo was playing on the Internet and trying to hook up with any hole he could find. He is extremely violent and abusive and a diagnosed schizophrenic (unmedicated). Steer clear of this lying cheater. Just google his name and you’ll see this psycho in action. A Centralia, WA police officer even had a restraining order against him. Ladies beware of Bo “The Senator” Rupert. He will use you for whatever you have while he’s screwing other girls and guys behind your back.

Beth Brulport, Cincinnati, Ohio

In the four months I dated Beth Brulport on “an exclusive basis” she had sex with at least one other man and by reading her text messages, she was making arrangements to meet another man for sex. All told, there were 7 men that Beth Brulport was graphicly sexting or having sex with while I dated her. What makes this even worse is the following.; I later learned that Beth Brulport has an extensive history of going after married men and men involved in relationships. Sexting them constantly, graphic and porn style texting, heaping praise on these men as if they were greek gods. Beth Brulport did this while living with a man for 12 years.; Beth Brulport is a serial cheater and liar, she has not been in a monogamous relationship in almost 2 decades, if you are thinking of dating her, is that the kind of record you want in a woman?; If you are thinking of having an affair with Beth Brulport, take note she has run into problems with the husbands kids who have read her text messages, she has got herself and other men she works with in trouble for sexting using company email. None of this bothers Beth, lying, cheating, getting caught, denying and doing it with multiple men at a time is just the way of life for Beth Brulport.; She will try to convince you that you are special, you are her soulmate, “oh what you do to me”, “you are a unicorn”, “turn me on like no other”, “you give me a rush” etc. All the lines she throws at you she throws at everyone.; She is truly a professional con artist and liar, be careful.; And if you didn’t guess, she has no money and deep in debt, she will eventually make her way to your wallet.

DAKOTA “COOKOUT WHORE” BENEFIELD, Murraysville, Cleveland, Dahlonega, Buford, Gainesville, Winder, Snellville, Tucker and Alpharetta, GA, Georgia

This piece of shit is Dakota Benefield. She works for COOKOUT as a trainer that travels to different stores in the area. She’s currently attempting to fuck her way up the totem pole with a married man she works with. Not only is she aware that this man is married and currently lives with his wife and kids but when approached by his wife she still refuses to leave him alone. She likes to fuck him in hotels and their cars in parking lots. Dakota was in a relationship with a guy named Cody when she started fucking the married guy as well. She’s a bona-fide tramp that has no remorse for the pain she has caused all parties involved. The devastating affects on his decade long marriage and how it’s affected his children. A true whore indeed. Spread the word and keep her away from your men ladies!!

Allison Citrolo, Commack, New York

She was coming on to my husband convienced him I was cheating when In fact that wasn’t true. She slept with him 4 times. When he tried to end it she told him I have you where I want you. And would threaten to tell me . She only goes after married men . She told my husband that she slept with 99 people. And she is married her poor husband deserves a real woman. My husband was relieved I found out !!! Because she is sick . Very inappropriate person. She sends nasty nudes and things you wouldn’t expect from a married woman . They dated in 10 th grade and he hurt her. I guess she thought she would ruin his life if i found out….

David, Barnegat, New Jersey

This narsacist physocotpath is a liar,cheater and master manipulator. He will trick you into thinking he is something special and then once your hooked he will start beating the shit out of you. He cheated on his pregnant wife and left her high and dry with 2kids whom he doesn’t support. He is a pig and has an STD. He will fuck anyone from 14-50 years old. He is a disgusting waste of life. Don’t be fooled by the flashy clothes and jewelry it’s all a front. He is a poser and a worthless scumbag.