Jonathan Lee Shuskey, Fort Benning, Georgia

Man of dishonor. Aka Johnny Buckets. Don’t go near this Army Staff Sergeant dirt bag, ladies! If he tells you his miserable marriage is over, don’t believe him because he’s a self proclaimed liar. Sure, he may sound genuine when he talks about wanting to start over, and be with someone he truly loves. He’ll call and text you constantly to “be there for you”. He’ll try to manipulate you into lying for him when he plans weekend trips to visit you. He’ll convince you he’s madly in love with you and even tell you he wants to marry you. Don’t believe him. He’s a particular kind of bastard who preys on friends of friends when they are vulnerable. Do not leave your friend alone with this man, especially if your girlfriend is drunk. He plays the “I haven’t had sex in a really long time” card. Probably also a lie. He doesn’t mind lying and cheating to get what he wants.

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