Jessica Marie Stogner, Seattle, Washington

THis woman is the ex of my boyfriend. Since day one she has been disrespectful to me. Therefore, I politely asked her to back of so he and I could work on our relatinship. Her response? Not kind at all. I recently found out that for the past year they have been texting, calling and seeing eachother. She talks him into hanging out and going to his place every time she is in town. I can understand friendships with exes, but she cuts me down. laughs at me and tell me he and I won’t last. Whats worst, is she tries to act like a one love hippy chick, all while trying to get the attention and time of my boyfriend. I can only hope things didn’t go further than just sneaking behind my back while I was at work. And she calls ME psycho. I promise, I have tried being civil and understanding, but she is just awful.

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