Haley Cox, Healdton, Oklahoma

Haley cox is a dick hungry homewrecking whore. Shes a manager bur she will fuck any man who works “under” her. Shes fucked a half a dozen guys at her job and when they finally figure out what a completely selfish twofaced bitch she is they leave her and quit their job. She was so afraid of getting caught she had her boss fired so she could continue spreading her nasty fat legs for every man in the building. But now shes upgraded herself to a homewreckimg whore who fucks her boss. When he started working there she flirted shamelessly with him in front of anyone not caring that je was married. Eventually she got her way and managed to break up his marriage. She even moved into the house he bougjr for his family. Thats right. He wasnt just married… He has a child that now doesnt understand why daddy wont come see him. Daddys too busy slobering over a nympho dick whore to come see you. Watch out for this BITCH. She will fuck your man like shes fucked other womens men. Shes completely shameless and will destroy a family to get a cock between her lard filled nasty fat legs.

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