Grace white, Grand haven, Michigan

My girlfriend broke up with me to be with one of her boss from work. She 16 and he’s like 30. Her name is Grace white and his name is like Scott singer. I mostly found she was cheating cause of my friend Riah. She said she caught them a few times kissing and grabbin each other at work. I don’t know why she left me for some big old fat dude. I peeped his profile on Facebook and it say he married to some big old lady like him and that they got a lot of kids. They work at Burger King together. I went through her gone before she left me and she was talking to him a hella lot. She was talking to another old dude that says married to. All I know is I want her back and I can’t unless old dude brakes up with her. I don’t think dudes wife even know he cheating on her. But yea Grace white is 16 and Scott singer is 30 and work at Burger King in Grand Haven MICHIGAN.

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