Galaxia Esquivel, Houston, Texas

This girl lied and said she was 18 going on 19,when indeed she is underage. She knew my husband of 36 was married w/kids,but that didn’t stop her from flirting w/him. They texted and talked for about 2 mnths. He’s left her but now she states that she is pregnant and wants to keep this bastard child. Even though her own family has said she can’t even take care of herself, even when I met her she looked horrible. My husband has said when he would go see her she would at times be drunk and on drugs. She needs to get herself together before she can even think about having a baby. Of course this is the cycle that will always continue when you are raised in a home with no morals,I’m assuming this girl has daddy issues. She has a lot of problems, she needs help. This child is going to suffer a the her hands and she does not even care .

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