Felicia Garrett, Portland, Oregon

Felicia Garrett works at oak harbor freight lines in Portland. No man there is off limits, married or not. Kids or not. She took it upon herself to start an affair with my husband (he’s also a prick)that continued even after I confronted them both about it. She lied for him made and made countless excuses for both of their bull shit. She broke apart our family, broke our children’s hearts, and didn’t bat an eye. She too is married with a small child and I guarantee if the shoe were on the other foot, she still wouldn’t give a fuck. She’s a souless sociopathic woman, with no moral compass or tact. According to her, her husband knows that she does this type of stuff and according to her, he encourages it Bc it gets him off. I highly doubt that is the case. But I’ll let her continue to spin her web of lies & eventually she will get wrapped up in her own bs.

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