Darren Ambler aka…..Darren Scott Ambler……………, Delran, New Jersey

Darren Ambler is a liar- sex predator- sex addicted creep with not a moral bone within his “Ugly” body. He is a former drug addict turned demented sex addicted sociopath. He looks creepy and demented. Thick Glasses- Dorky face and body and “Zero” personality, class or morality.; ====================================================; Darren Ambler’s whole life is about himself- his sick sexual desires and pathological lying, He lies about everything to everyone. Darren Ambler is a slick- Con-artist who seeks sexual gratification through on line sex sites- prono- hookers and whatever female is stupid enough and desoerate enough to sleep with him.; =========================================================; Darren is dangerous because he is an idiot and very naive. Apparently this “Ugly” dork is now listed on STD databases on line. He is gross disgusting and now he is even in denial about spreading STD by having careless sex.; =========================================================; BEWARE- do not converse with this sociopath on line- in person anywhere. He would lie to GOD. He lives in his own sick world. Darren Ambler is always right and everyone else is a liar and wrong..,that is how this sickos mind works……………Stay away from this diseased STD ridden animail….He is sick- demented and mentally ill: And UGLY also!; ===========================================================; Darren “sociopath” Ambler lives in the Delanco area of Southern NJ. He works at a mail order pharmacy establishment- Express Scripts in Florence TWP NJ. He is an alledged recovering drug addict turned sex addict pervert. He loves nudity- sexual exploitation- and pornography……….He loves sex with 65 pus year old senior citizens- a sick vulgar demented evil human being….BEWARE….

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