Juthamas Bordeerat, Alexandria, Virginia

This chick thinks that not only is it okay to steal a husband, but to also destroy the man’s relationship with his kids. The kids are teenagers. They know and understand what is going on. They hate her and if she stays they are not going to want anything to do with their father. They need both parents I their lives, but she has him so blinded that he continuously ignore them on a daily basis. This whore is not a US citizen and it is unknown if she is even legal. She is originally from Thailand, used to live in NYC, and is now in VA. She works at a restaurant called “Thai Food” in Annandale, VA. I am wanting this woman to know that husband stealing and ruining kids lives is NOT acceptable in this country.

Janine Ann Shumate, Roanoke, Virginia

A friend of mine was having problems in his marriage. He was in a band and while at a show, he started talking to this dog-faced cow, Janine Shumate, and made the mistake of complaining about his wife and his marriage. This whore then saw her opportunity, and told him she had a room for rent if he needed a place to stay. His dumbass then moved in with her, leaving his wife of 23 years, and of course, it wasn’t long before he was sleeping with this dog-faced whore. After three months, my friend finally came to his senses, and realized he had made a big mistake. Janine’s son, who was also living at the house is an addict and he had stolen several of my friends things and pawned them. Janine also has people over at her house every evening, smoking dope and drinking, and after a while, my friend realized that this was not the life he wanted. He realized that he actually loved his wife and he missed their quiet home life. (His wife isn’t a party-girl like the whore he moved in with, and their kids are good kids, not thieves or drug addicts.) He confessed to his wife, who had already suspected he was having an affair, even though he had been lying to her,(he had been telling her he was renting a room and not seeing anyone), and they decided to reconcile. When he started packing to move back home with his wife and kids, Janine found out, pitched a fit and had her son and nephew kick him out and kept most of his stuff. He finally took a police officer to her house to retrieve the rest of his belongings, only to find that she had her entire family and a couple of her friends over there to harass him. Had an officer not been with him, they would have probably physically assaulted him because they are all white trash and had been sending him threats via texts and phone calls. The entire time he was getting his things, they taunted, threatened, and harassed him, and Janine also stole a few of his items, including a $300 grill his wife had bought for him as a Father’s Day present the year before. Her sister then made it a point to message his wife, the victim in this entire mess, telling her about the affair and acting like her whore sister was the victim. This dog faced cow knew my friend was married, knew he had a minor child still living at home who was devastated when her Dad moved out, and she didn’t give a shit. She is an adulteress, a pot-head, and a thief who has no business around young children. (Apparently she teaches a Head Start class at the Burton Center for Arts and Technology in Salem Virginia. This woman smokes pot on a regular basis, (it’s illegal in Virginia), sleeps with married men, and has several misdemeanors on her record, yet T.A.P. hired her to teach young, disadvantaged children.) Now lest you think my friend isn’t suffering the consequences of his pathetic actions, he has to look at his wife every day, knowing that he is the cause for the pain he sees in her eyes, and she still isn’t sure whether or not she wants to stay married to him. Their oldest daughter, and their only son have disowned him, and their youngest daughter is cold towards him. He has also become recently disabled, so he is definitely reaping what he sowed. Janine Anne Shumate needs to suffer the consequences for her actions as well. The bitch’s address is 2342 Brandon Ave, SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 and her phone number is 540-892-1218.

Elizabeth Ruth Stapleton, Virginia Beach, Virginia

This sick twisted whore likes to play the battered woman card to illicit sympathy from men. Single alone childless and mentally disturbed,Lizbeth Ruth makes fake Facebook profiles and contacts the wives of men she fantasized about having relationships with. She likes to tell the wife that she has been in a relationship with their husband for years and tgat ge akways tokd ger ge was leaving his wife for her. When the wife reacts,Lilly Oliver aka Lizbeth Ruth,Elizabeth Ruth will then have her friends contact the wife, insult them and threaten them with all sorts of violence and threats. BE CAREFUL this insane mentally unstabke dick hungry obssessed cunt will get into your head if you let her.

Chandler Nichole Davis, Sterling, Virginia

This ugly fat bitch is a ENORMOUS home wrecker! She goes after any man who has a family. She’ll pretend to be your friend but lurk behind your back talking to your kids father, boyfriend , fiancé, husband. She’ll open her legs for any guy ready to show her attention especially if they’re in a relationship. She uses money to get their attention and than do sexual favors to keep then around. My husband was on one of her flights and that’s how they met. Seen the text and she asked about his family and kids continues on to offer to give him money and fly him to stay in a hotel so they could meet up. She seems to be engaged as I’ve seen I wonder how her man would feel about this. Wonder if she snuck her way into that relationship also. This girl has no morals, no integrity, and needless to say lacks the confidence to find a single man and start from scratch like the rest of us. Don’t let her around your kids and family she’ll only try to play games til she can buy what she wants. Nasty trashy insecure slut. I would be ashamed for any man to try and have this disgusting excuse of a woman around my kids or even in his life. Needless to say this bitch wrecked my family and I hope your happy.

Cherri Dalhoe, Virginia beach, Virginia

This females is a Home wrecker! I caught my man talking, texting and visiting this female while I was in a relationship with my son’s father. Catching him in guilt I visited this female at AJ Gator’s in Virginia Beach on witch duck road. When I approached her physically, she was in a panic. Told me she wasn’t seeing my man but was trying to date another guy who is MARRIED. She thought I was his wife.She’s a WHORE!; She was still entertaining and leading on my man while she had another guy on the hook. She always has to have a plan B guy. She’s a tramp and a true neighborhood bicycle, everyone gets a ride. Quicker if it’s YOUR man. If you tip her while she’s working , write “Get your own man,” on her Check. She thinks she’s Slick!