Amanda Ferguson, Shelbyville, Texas

Amanda contacted my husband via Facebook. At the time our marriage was extremely strained, I had recently been diagnosed with cancer, was pregnant and our teenage son was recovering from a major car accident. I had become very withdrawn and we hardly communicated at all. She was nice to him, complimented him, made him feel good. My husband claims that in the beginning it was just conversation but became personal as she told him that she was married twice before and how she had been physically and verbally abused. How her exes didn’t appreciate her passion for sex. The relationship quickly escalated. I found out about the affair after they had already been sleeping together. The pain of coming across the countless texts messages, emails and seeing her numerous disgusting photos on my husband’s phone was excruciating… I asked questions that I wish I hadn’t asked. To make it worse after I found out about the affair and after he told her that I knew, she began to harass me and my kids. She told my son that his dad was leaving me and didn’t love us, she contacted our friends giving them details and claiming to be confused that he hadn’t contacted her. My husband changed our numbers, we closed our Facebook accounts. At this point my husband and I are living apart, my kids are a mess and the whole town knows. In my opinion there is no justification. I’ll pick up my pieces and move on but for the rest of the world beware, this woman portrays herself as a godly, modest, loving mother and even works at a school. After I did some investigating I found that this is not her first affair with a married man. She’s cunning and manipulative, finding men that are vulnerable, and have something to offer. My husband is friends with several college coaches and she wanted him to help her launch her sons baseball career. She apparently also felt he could financially benefit her. Cheating husbands are worthless but they wouldn’t be able to cheat if woman like this didn’t give them opportunity.

Amanda Cooper Ferguson AKA Amanda G McDaniel AKA Amanda C Ferguson, Shelbyville, Texas

This woman ruined my life. She contacted me through social media and started by complimenting how beautiful my wife was. Every day she would contact me. Then the pictures started coming. I didn’t reply until then. I told her I was married, she said she already knew through a friend of a friend. She told me my wife was cheating, that I was a fool for not seeing it. She even sent pictures of my wife at a restaurant with another man. I never went to my wife about it, I bought into her lies and bullshit. She encouraged me to demand more of my marriage because I deserved better and would go on and on about what an amazing wife she was and how her ex husband abused her, she’d tell me how she made her kids breakfast every day and bash my wife for not being the woman she claimed to be and after a few months I met up with her at a hotel room near her town. She was disgusting, nothing like the pics she sent me but at the time it didn’t matter. When I fucked her it was like fucking a large dry box, she made noises that resembled that of an ape being tortured, it turned me off so bad that I had to quit. Then she cried, told me how she hadn’t been with anyone in years (found out later that’s a lie) and that she had fallen in love with me. She said she wanted us to be married and for me to leave my wife, even told me that it was her most fertile time and that she could be pregnant. The whole situation was unbelievable. My wife had been calling and I left the hotel room to return her call and when I returned she was on all fours begging for me to fuck her. I told her I was leaving, she cried again. I was so confused, disgusted that I had even been there. She flipped out on me and said she’d call my wife if I left and tell my kids everything. Then she tried to get me to pay her off PAY HER!! I left anyway. She did call my wife, my kids, my family, friends, coworkers. I found out that my wife had never been unfaithful, the whore made it all up. I allowed this stupid raunchy slut to interrupt an amazing life with her manipulative tactics. I’m a dumbass, I am paying for my mistake. I am humiliated and remorseful and miss my beautiful wife and kids. She’s tried calling me to rekindle this thing she thought we had, I keep telling her she’s crazy and to leave me alone. She even played the I’m pregnant game but I knew better. I’ve had to change my number twice. I’m thankful that the bitch lives too far to show up at my house. She works at the shelbyville Texas school, as an assistant teacher and bus driver though she told me she was a special ed teacher. She confided that I’m not the first married man. Beware of this beast, she’s evil. When I asked her why she claimed that she truly felt we were soulmates. This bitch is crazy. Don’t be fooled by the innocent, soft spoken, sweet, southern, self proclaimed freak. This bitch is as psychotic as they come. In addition she’s a carrier, that’s all I have to say.

Annette Cole, Tomball, Texas

This is Annette Cole she likes to have sex with anyone other than her husband. She’s been having an affair with a married man, that she works with for over six years now. She’s not a good person! She will destroy your family if you let her… Watch your back ladies with this one… she likes to act all sweet and nice to his wife’s face then stab her in the back and continue to have sex with her husband. One of these days Karma will catch up with her!

Galaxia Esquivel, Houston, Texas

This girl lied and said she was 18 going on 19,when indeed she is underage. She knew my husband of 36 was married w/kids,but that didn’t stop her from flirting w/him. They texted and talked for about 2 mnths. He’s left her but now she states that she is pregnant and wants to keep this bastard child. Even though her own family has said she can’t even take care of herself, even when I met her she looked horrible. My husband has said when he would go see her she would at times be drunk and on drugs. She needs to get herself together before she can even think about having a baby. Of course this is the cycle that will always continue when you are raised in a home with no morals,I’m assuming this girl has daddy issues. She has a lot of problems, she needs help. This child is going to suffer a the her hands and she does not even care .

Angie Mae Walker, Waco, Texas

This women gets her kicks from breaking up families due to her own failures! She needs to feel good about herself! Heck she is in her 40’s living with her mama and she’s a grandma! She has been married 5 xs and counting! Leaves dirty underwear under sinks on her escapades! She needs to be put in her place! Thanks she is all that but look at her! Lived with her mama now on to his mamas house! Classy! Not!!!

Desiree Gonzales, Amarillo, Texas

This is a disgusting whore. Her name is Desiree Gonzales she is a HOE. I seen my husband’s phone and her nasty pics came up so I asked him n he told me the truth. I confronted her, she lied. She told me her name was Candy, but she’s an escort, lot lizard and straight hoe. Her fucks in her cousins house named Jessica Stone with kids all up in there. Nasty dope fucked whores. They go from Amarillo to Colorado.. beware women.

Gabriela Avila, Fort Worth tx, Texas

This’s dumb ass hoe is Gabriela Avila she loves to be the side chick, she dose not care if the guys is married or in a relationship this girl is money hungry living with her parents no education exempt her high school diploma, once she gets dropped by the guy or gets caught by the wife or girlfriend this girl runs and hides, she’s such a coward with no respect