Autumn Shoup, Claysville, Pennsylvania

This woman is continuing to call and Text a married man an pay for hotel rooms to sleep together! She was confronted and said as a woman she would stop, but she lied! She said she’s not a sinner and didn’t realize she was breaking a marriage or two children’s hearts..but lie because she’s still doing it. She doesn’t care about her actions she LOVES this married man of 3 weeks. Apparently more than her job. For someone who loves god so much I can see him being real proud…homegirls needs to re read that bible so she clearly knows what she is doing is sinning!

George Casimiro, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

My wife and I needed some extra money. She got job selling cabinets, and end up meeting this scumbag there. He knew she was married but proceeded to engage her anyway. She would sneak out of the house in the morning saying she was going to work. She then would say she was going to her parents house, and just leave my son there while she would be off with him. This is the kind of scumbag that doesn’t leave a married woman alone and ends up destorying a 3 years old life because he causes a divorce. Please let the world know.

Heather (Marker, Knepp) White, Granville, Pennsylvania

This is the dirty skank my husband left me (faithful our whole marriage) and his 2 beautiful children for. She is his first cousin! They deny that they are cousins, deny that she is the cause of all our problems, deny that she broke up our family, deny that she took our children’s daddy away from them & deny that they are doing anything wrong! If she were any kind of moral decent woman she would have never opened her legs or her door for a married man with children still living at home to deny his responsibilities. She destroyed any possibility of repairing our marriage or relationship with his children. She is jealous & insecure because she keeps him from having a healthy relationship with his children. When he has seen them, which is far and very few, they end up fighting about it because she is in fear of him doing the same thing he did to his family! What does she think he’s going to do? Be faithful to her? She thinks she is the “only” one? What she doesn’t know is he comes home to fuck his wife among other sexual favors!! Karma bitch! What comes around goes around! What did you think? Did you think you are so special that he would completely desert his “family” for you? You deserve everything you get! Especially for emotionally fucking up 2 awesome kids that don’t derserve your vile actions! Be careful ladies!! She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she feels like she is put above everything & everyone!! He is just at fault as she is but this site is for homewreckers not deadbeats or cheating spouses! My husband has not seen our talked to his children in over 2 months (and when he has seen them other times since his departure it’s only been for an hour or two every 2-6 weeks!) & it’s all because he doesn’t want to cause tension with his homewrecker but what she doesn’t know is he contacts his wife!! Right back at ya bitch but he’s all yours! Thanks for taking out my trash & opening my eyes on my 17 year marriage!

Jennifer Boore, Allentown, Pennsylvania

This is Jennifer Boore from Allentown Pennsylvania 45yrs old she lives with a man named Bob who is on disability so if you know Bob let him know his girlfriend is a home wrecking slut. She started talking to my husband in words with friends her screen names was Pooks 72 but she now has changed it because I sent her messages. Anyways she knew he was married with kids and still wanted to meet him and marry him. my husband just happened to be going to Virginia in December 2016,and he drives in Pennsylvania so she said I’ll rent a hotel room for is so they could meet and have sex. This slut even told her mother about my husband and how he was leaving me and the kids and they were getting married and would be together on New Years because he was leaving me after Xmas. Her mother was happy for her she must be Home wrecker slut to bc what mother would agree that it was ok to sleep with a married man, and ruin a family!!! Jennifer likes to call her nasty pussy Athena. She isn’t even woman enough to talk to me when they got caught. She likes getting fucked in the ass, and giving blow jobs. When I caught my husband we decided to stay together he called her and told her she was a mistake and loved his wife and kids and wanted to stay with his family. She knew she couldn’t call him so she had her sister call his cell saying it was Athena! Beware if your husband/boyfriend plays words with friends if you know Bob let him know she said he had a small dick, and only is with him to pay the bills. I have the screen shoots for him to see to.

Jessica Collins, Levittown, PA, Pennsylvania

This cunt whore bag homewrecker slept with my husband. She’s engaged. Has met myself and my daughter and still had the balls to think it was ok to have sex with my husband and then to say he was going to lose my daughter after that. She should have kept my daughters name and my husband’s dick out of her mouth! Plastering her fat fugly cunt face ALL over the Internet. Sucks for you homewrecker!! Hope you have a miserable life and karma is a bitch!

Justin S Newman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Justin S. Newman is an active swinger with his wife, Shanna. His call sign is Alonzo Jericho or @SU_ZoJericho. He is one part of the STARUnderground podcast of swingers. He does not try to hide his swinging identity, and that is shameful for a father of two. He works in the same office as another swinger Ken Sines, SU_CaptainJake. Justin readily shows off his swinger status at work by wearing a pineapple tie and black ring to work (both signs of being a swinger), he then brags about it on his Twitter feed. He puts his birthday out for all to see.; If you know him and want to hear his voice on podcast; go to podbean or podfanatic and search for “Starunderground”. To see the podcast crew in person sign up for the STARunderground topless Jello Wrestling at ClubBodyShop in Canton, OH.

Christine Jadico, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

This awful women slept with a man who had a family. And was with someone for over 10yrs. She then proceeded to move into her home. Forced the mother and women to be homeless. And has pretended to be a mom to her child. She is nothing short of a whore. I’d expose the dog she’s with, but I don’t feel it’s worth the time. But her? Stay away. She is a homewrecking slut.