Beth Brulport, Cincinnati, Ohio

In the four months I dated Beth Brulport on “an exclusive basis” she had sex with at least one other man and by reading her text messages, she was making arrangements to meet another man for sex. All told, there were 7 men that Beth Brulport was graphicly sexting or having sex with while I dated her. What makes this even worse is the following.; I later learned that Beth Brulport has an extensive history of going after married men and men involved in relationships. Sexting them constantly, graphic and porn style texting, heaping praise on these men as if they were greek gods. Beth Brulport did this while living with a man for 12 years.; Beth Brulport is a serial cheater and liar, she has not been in a monogamous relationship in almost 2 decades, if you are thinking of dating her, is that the kind of record you want in a woman?; If you are thinking of having an affair with Beth Brulport, take note she has run into problems with the husbands kids who have read her text messages, she has got herself and other men she works with in trouble for sexting using company email. None of this bothers Beth, lying, cheating, getting caught, denying and doing it with multiple men at a time is just the way of life for Beth Brulport.; She will try to convince you that you are special, you are her soulmate, “oh what you do to me”, “you are a unicorn”, “turn me on like no other”, “you give me a rush” etc. All the lines she throws at you she throws at everyone.; She is truly a professional con artist and liar, be careful.; And if you didn’t guess, she has no money and deep in debt, she will eventually make her way to your wallet.

Brandon Kuhn, Bryan, Ohio

To make it short and sweet this cowardice snake convinced my wife that she would be better off with him and broke up and 11 year marriage and he’s broken the hearts of our two children. He has convinced her that there is no value in keeping the family together and that they were written in the stars and some other b*******. Now after nearly a year of her living with him while married to me she has filed for divorce.

Adel Losey, Cincinnati, Ohio

This person’s name is Adel, her family name, or at least the one she stays with here in the U.S. is Losey. She is actually a Russian who has no business being in this country.; She does little more than attempt to play the “I’m a foriegner, take pity on me because I don’t speak English and have no friends” game. Believe me, she’s just playing a game. In all reality, yes, her English is terrible but she’s just using it to try and steal your husband or boyfriend. She has ZERO morals and even saves the names and phone numbers of men she got her filfthy Russian paws on years ago and calls or texts them to do her “favors.” It’s really, quite ridiculous. She could not give a sh*t about the people she hurts or families that she breaks up. She is a real “winner” in floozy form and needs to be shipped back to her country of origin (Russia), Adel, nobody wants you here you horrid little tramp! Get your own life and quit trying to steal other people’s.

Casie Lerae Gebhart, Middletown, Ohio

This girl is a DISASTER, watch out, she’s an RN in Middletown and could wind up being your nurse!; This person actually whored herself out to my husband while she was in college at Miami University near where she is from, in Middletown, Ohio. When I say “whore,” I mean in the actual sense of the word. She took money for… “services.”; Her original name is Casie Lerae Gebhart, but apparently she now goes by Casie Lerae Dehaven, I can’t imagine WHAT kind of man would have married such a disgusting individual, but that seems to be the case. She did some of the most horrendous acts on my husband that are so disgusting that I can’t even mention them here. She is so lonely and so un-likeable that she did absolutely repulsive things just to be “liked.” Unfortunately she’s a Registered Nurse in Ohio now, so beware, you might find that she’s your nurse the next time you’re in the hospital. If so, unless you plan to be propositioned for something you didn’t ask for (or want!), if I were you, I’d request another nurse.

Anthony Dewayne Newsome caught!

Ohio resident Anthony Dewayne Newsome was caught lying, cheating or stealing by a anonymous reporter. Anthony Dewayne Newsome is presumed to be innocent of these allegations but our website readers are encouraged to do their own research, be cautions, and reach their own conclusions when dealing with Anthony Dewayne Newsome. The information contained in the report is as follows:
Name on report: Anthony Dewayne Newsome
Email address of suspect:
Phone number:
Location of alleged liar: Dayton, Ohio in the State of Ohio