Bobby M, Jamesville, New York

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Ladies and gentlemen meet miss Sara and Bob. Sara is a 20 year old little whore who likes to sleep around. Watch your man ladies! She has no shame. This is Bob. Bob is a 30 year old habitual liar and cheater!! He can never stay faithful in a relationship. Bob also likes to prey on younger women because they are ignorant and vulnerable. Bob likes to use social media to meet these young girls (especially MySpace) The younger women are the only ones to believe his bullshit lies. Bob has cheated on Sara countless times and Sara being ignorant and stupid on top of her sluttiness ways she continues to stay with bob. Sara was even informed of this on several occasions. Bob doesn’t care about Sara. He’s just with her because she’s ignorant and he can get away with all his womanizing ways. You would think a successful paramedic like bob would strive for someone more successful and more his age. On the other hand a “child” rarely has a successful career. Ladies beware of this one!

Chanel(Nouney) Anderson-Christian, Queens, New York

Chanel is a 29 year old married Homewrecker… She cheats on her husband with other females men. Ladies please be aware of this chick if you see her. She’s From Queens, NY and she works at Myrtle P. Jarmon childcare center in Queens. Please Please be aware of this Married Homewrecker. She cheated on her husband with my friend’s boyfriend.

Jamie Abitabile, South Cairo, New York

This woman acted like a friend when I would talk to her about how much I loved my man and how happy I was that after 13 years we were finally together. To make a long story short whenever we would all hang out I felt a little uncomfortable with how they would interact but assumed it was my insecurities. Well…one day out of nowhere without warning he left so of course thinking she was my friend I talked to her about it. She was reassuring me things would be ok and saying she hopes we get back together while the whole time shes saying these things hes at her house and shes in bed with him. Now mind you her ex is his twin brother. She is nothing short of vile and has no morals and is proud of being a home wrecker.

Jonathan Michael Isbell, Brooklyn, New York

I was with Jonathan Isbell (AKA: Cowboy Jon) for 4 years. He used me, lied to me, cheated on me, got another woman pregnant, emotionally abused and destroyed me!; He lies, cheats and steals from his friends, family, coworkers and unknowingly people who hire him. His business is Metaevol; Beware before you hire him!; Lying, cheating, stealing and using people is not new for him, as he has stated himself; it’s a way to get through life. He is 35 years old and can’t hold a job, can’t own his own home or even take care of himself. He moves from state to state looking for more people to use and destroy.; From my understanding, he doesn’t even take care of the child he had with the woman he cheated on me with. That is straight up deadbeat.; It says a lot about a man when his own family has nothing good to say about him and, dosen’t want him around.; Everybody in the world should BEWARE of this lying cheating piece of crap man!