Jessica Wexler, Norfolk, Nebraska

7 years ago she f’ed up her own relationship. Her man moved on. And she comes back after years from Texas because her relationship she left him for failed. And decides she wants him back … Even though he is 4 weeks from having first child. She refuses to respect the space to let him be in current relationship he was in and wouldn’t even let him have the chance to try and make it work for his own child. Let alone other children he grew close to that loved him as well. One class whore. Needs to be exposed for her own selfish needs.

Jessica Wecker, Norfolk, Nebraska

Dated a man 7 years earlier and popped back in once he got his life together. . . as in he was with a woman who was 1 month from having there first child..not wanting to stay out and let him be she put herself in the middle and wrecked a whole home into shambles. She caused a ton of pain greif heartache and drama not just on herself and him but 2 other kids he stepped up to father and his baby that’s still on the way not having his family together because of her own selfish needs.