David, Barnegat, New Jersey

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Johansson Gerena, Goose Creek, South Carolina

Thought he was a good friend of mine, when me and my wife had problems he took me in as a roommate. Little did I know he was screwing her in the bedroom next door to me. They have been caught and now are displaying there relationship all over town. And I’m the one that has lost all my friends. This man has herpes and has been with over 400 women. He has no self respect and doesn’t care about anyone he hurts. They absolutely deserve each other but people should be warned because he has everyone fooled. He will sleep with your wife your daughter and your grandmother it doesn’t matter.

Elise Givens-Brown, Corryton, Knoxville, Tennessee

Elise Givens-Brown is an undercover whore who works for PCI, (Performance Contracting Inc.) in Knoxville Tennessee.; Elise cheats on her husband, David often. She has unprotected sex with many men and is exposed to crabs and other venereal diseases. She even forces him to watch their children so she can go to the mall and to the gym to have sex with her ebony stud boyfriend. Another guy got a cell phone video of Elise getting nailed at the gym, and she didn’t even care. This pig has no morals and is very unprofessional.; Elise Givens-Brown is straight up nasty! Stinky pussy. Elise Brown is a greedy, psycho pig who can’t get enough dick. It’s all about money and stiff cock for this selfish woman. She has been taking the dick ever since she was a kid. Elise was a teen mom. She is bitter and hateful towards other women, because of this. Her seething, disgusting jealousy stems from getting knocked up real young. 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Darren Ambler, Riverside, New Jersey

Darren Ambler resides in Southern- New Jersey within the Riverside- Willingboro NJ area. Darren is a Pharmacist who is employed by a Mail Order Pharmacy establishment in Florence Township NJ. He is a Perverted Pathological Liar, Con- Artist, Sex Addicted Psycho. Darren Ambler has serious psychological mentall problems. The problem is Darren Ambler feels he is normal and everyone else is “NUTS”. Which is typical I guess. Most Mentally Unstable people think they are “PERFECT” and everyone else is “NUTS”!; =====================================================================; Darren is a shy- reserved- intravert who seemed lonely and desperate for companionship and sex when we first me. I found out that Darren Ambler is a compulsive- sex starved freak- who is so selfish he i only concerned about his own sexual needs and desires. Darren used me impulsively for sex- oral sex- filthy pornographic acts and also I was used for lodging. 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