Bo Dana Rupert, Coffeyville, Kansas

Meet Bo Dana Rupert. He was in a relationship with a good girl and they had plans to marry. She was in the hospital having lifesaving surgery. The day she was having surgery, this scumbag was looking for anal sex and someone to spank his butt with a hairbrush on Craigslist. He hooked up with girls and guys through Facebook too. My friend paid all the bills while Bo was playing on the Internet and trying to hook up with any hole he could find. He is extremely violent and abusive and a diagnosed schizophrenic (unmedicated). Steer clear of this lying cheater. Just google his name and you’ll see this psycho in action. A Centralia, WA police officer even had a restraining order against him. Ladies beware of Bo “The Senator” Rupert. He will use you for whatever you have while he’s screwing other girls and guys behind your back.

Casey jo heiter, Colleyville, Kansas

So in 2011 I had been with my husband for 3 years we weren’t married yet no kids just turning 21 our first apartment. My husband got a job at a local nursing home. Laundry department. That’s where it started she weasels her way in between. She this 18 yr old emo chic who cuts her self and dies her hair dumb colors. I met her she seemed nice. Well low and behold she puttin on the sad depressed shit. And my husband thinks he’s some kind of hero and is nice to her next thing she’s blowing him in the linnen closets.. He brought this bitch to my apartment. Dicks her down in my bed. Gut feeling I found out he confesses I tortured him for 2 weeks while he begged to come home. I take him back forgive him make up. BAMM I’m knocked up.. Ok so we gonna do this family thing together he promised me the world . mind u this bitch still works there. I’m cautious but trying to be mature. 6months into my preg I find out this shit never stopped keep goin.. Told thAt mother fuxker to kick rocks ima do this solo. But mad. I made there life hell. Crazy with fury. Like that crazy ass baby momma. He’s living with her they are doin there thing birth of our 1st kid. I tried to be nice and let him stay the first night home. The whole time begging to be a family. I’m sleepin and my mom catches him texting Casey. She throws him out. Constant war between this love triangle. Christmas comes I let him stay once again to enjoy our daughter Christmas hed been living with his aunt left her wanting to be a family once more . this bitch tormented me. Shed show up to his job which was a new one. She constantly blowing up his phone. Wouldn’t leave us alone. And then it was over. Finally peace we can be a family now. Fast forward 4-5 years later and a nother kid. Moved to another state. I mean only like 45 mins away from our home town I got a great job. Everything is perfect . 3 days ago. This Casey jo heiter walked into my husbands job. He told her to leAve and he went to the bAck room till she left. That same day I start getting messages from several numbers asking for my husband.. Um. No bye I went crazy. Ready to whoop this bitch again she would never meet up she and her little friends all talk. And now here she go playing the victim again. She knew better then to even try to wedge her way in again. Back the fuck up outta my life. Go ghosts again please cause when she’s around all I wanna do is fight her. I wanna go back to my normal family life. Get lost and never contact us again.