Benjamin james dixon, Essex, International

This BENJAMIN JAMES DIXON WORKING AS A DIRECTOR OF TAXASSIST ACCOUNTANT IN BISHOP STORFORD UK was an asshole who made me pregnant and cheated on me while im having my pregnancy is the worst father that your son could have! He’d rather go for vacantion spending for his bitch rohan walsh which is also here in than send his support to his child! His child loves him so much but he never fails tonbeglect him and let other people disrespect him! He will never stop ruining my life nd letting his own son suffer for the sake of his happiness and selfishness!

Danelle Sutherland Elliott, Alabama USAF, International

Her name is Danele Elliott and my son discovered emails of she as a Captain who soon after ranked Major to my Then and now thanks to throwing up and learning this of she and my Lt. Colonel husband Wade Herman. It was discovered while he was in Qutar. Tons of texts and phone calls while I was home with our three kids ignored. Ir was so bad that while I was trying to get through that my now ex husband blindsided our 13 year marriage while deployed and divorced me over a telephone to the Judge. Though people reported it he got things swept under the rug and still hurts is today. She told me when confronted she was sorry that he said he was separated. However she continued to talk to him after that and he was married and her boss not her boyfriend. It completely ruined three kids a marriage and a home. This woman has lost her husband years ago so it feels why she would speak or flirt or talk to a married man at all is beyond me but he is divorced now and yes he is scum to have done what he did but the fact of the matter is she never should have had to tell him that they could only be friends since technically he is married and then continues or even put that in his head to begin with. She gets to go on with her life but had she stayed out of our marriage she would have at least not been the girl to get caught inside it. It is called don’t talk to another woman’s husband if you don’t want to be exposed. Now we are divorced and I still have the emails that hurt me to this day that my life was home wrecked because a woman who got to be with my husband while I was home away raiding our children, took his attention and his heart from me.

Alex Meadows, Washington, International

Meet Alex Meadows, a forceful, disrespectful, man (if you can really call him that).; This guy does not care if a girl says no, or how many times. Especially the married ones. He will pusue and continue to pursue until he gets his way. “He just wants to know how it feels” Grade A pervert and potential future rapist.
When approached, he will let you know that he doesn’t care if you have kids. He just wants a taste of your wife. Stay clear of this D-Bag!

Eva Larson, , International

She’s been sleeping with my husband for 6 weeks. They slept together the first night they met! He’s a rat because he told her we were separated. We weren’t and thats why he took her to a cheap motel! Once she found out the truth (BECAUSE I TOLD HER and SHOWED HER PROOF) she continued to contact him. So now I have no sympathy for her. Signed girl 4; EVA lee larson just needs to go the away. Ruined my relationship of almost 4 years by kissing my boyfriends a** and feeding his ego all day everyday. Even after all the hell he ended up putting me through because of her, she continues to talk to him. There are millions of people in this world and she has to done this knowingly to mess up my life. FUCK OPIATE METH ADDICTS