Barbara Marie Caster, Fairborn, Ohio

This whore decided since she’s a child of God it meant it was ok to sleep with my husband. Miss thing here lost all 3 of her children due to being a dope head. Knowing my hubby and I were working on our marriage she still found it in her heart to sleep with him reaptdly. Talk about a useless waste of air. Sad thing she had a boyfriend at the time too. Just pathetic worried more about a piece of ass then getting her life together to see her own kids.

Angie Cantu, Rockport, Texas

Angie metmy husband in Kenedy, TX. She met him at a gas station. She approached his truck and invited him to eat with her at the local DQ in Kenedy, TX. She asked him specifically if he was married like she only wanted a married man. I’m not excusing my husband at all. He works in the oilfield and to my knowledge this had never happened before. She pursued him with the filthy talking and trashy advances until I found out about it 2 weeks later. She continued to send him and myself filthy communication even after she was told by my husband to not contact him in any way. We are working through this for our families sake but not sure it is something I can get over. This woman sent me some filthy messages about her encounter with my husband. She’s a nasty, filthy, woman and works At a jail near rockport!; Beware if you know her! She’s the lowest class of low there is!

Anna Fraser, Bristol, International

Anna Fraser from Bristol, UK was already with a married man who happened to be my husbands boss at the time. She was my husbands work colleague also and was supposed to be his mate. Our children had even been to her daughters birthday party. Then one night she jumped on him wearing a skirt with no knickers on and tried to get his cock out! My husband was in shock he had not expected this or wanted it! She didn’t listen when asked to stop. She sexually assaulted him whilst he was trying to figure out what was the best way out of this! When he got her off of him and managed to get his still soft cock from embarrassment back in his pants, he asked her what the fuck was she thinking and she replied “all married men do it!” He said he wouldn’t, that he doesn’t want her to which she replied “evidently not” gesturing to fact his cock never got hard! My husband left! But now he was in the position of what to do, should he tell? So she blackmailed him and told my husband if he said anything to their boss (her boyfriend and already married man!) she would tell me that my husband had slept with her! My husband didn’t know what to do! He knew his boss would fire him anyway if he told him out of spite and we were in a bad financial place and couldn’t go without him working! He felt his only course of action was to get another job asap whilst still working and keep it all a secret from both me and the boss! He had to be nice to her too coz she was threatening to tell me the whole time so he’d have to run errands for her and give her and her friends lifts, she’d pay him money too, to do these things so in a way he felt he was doing the right thing as we needed the money. She even gave him money to go to America to see his dying grandmother! But of course the whore side returned and she tried to kiss him whilst he was working! He pushed her away and she apologised. My husband started a new job to try and get away, but she texted and called him everyday, saying she’d tell me everything if he didn’t help her start her own business! So he still felt trapped! Fortunately I wasn’t as blind as they thought!! I figured out certain things and confronted my husband, he immediately told me everything! We took some time apart because of the lying! But I wasn’t going to let my 18 year relationship 13 years married go to shit over a skank who put my husband in a shitty situation!! My husband got proof for me on what happened! And this slut of a woman Anna Fraser has slunk away to continue her life of whoring herself out to married men!!; It needs to be known!!!!! Married Men avoid Anna Fraser!!!!!! She will try to rape you, flirting isn’t necessary!!!!! This whore gets a buzz off of trying to get married men to cheat on their partners!!!!! She doesn’t respect marriage, she doesn’t understand consent, she doesn’t even understand the word No! Avoid this cretinous skanky slut of a whore!!! Disgusting morals!!!!!!!

Jessica Finch, Newark, New Jersey

I have been married for over 6 years now, me and my husband met in the church many years before we started dating and we had a loving relationship until my husband started acting strange by getting very angry over little issues,coming home very late, refusing to spend time with me… I was then introduced to some professional hackers who helped me hacked his phone’s texts and calls so I got to understand what he has been going through.I already promised to get them more customers as they offer lots of hacking services, you can contact them on [email protected] Tell them I referred you

Jenny leiss, Portland, Oregon

Jenny leiss had an affair with my husband which they are both wrong for however when husband ended the affair she will not leave is alone. She keeps calling emailing texting. She is trying to do whatever she can to ruin my marriage again. We have had to hire an attorney, file stalking orders change our numbers. She strips and sells her dirty underwear on line…she is a raging alcoholic and does cocaine. She lies and says she is 21 however she is 26. She had sex with my husband in a bar parking lot and is on the

Giselle Espinales, Hialeah, Florida

Hialeah born Giselle Espinales is 27 and has two kids, had one when she was 17 and the other child is from an affair with a married man she was obsessed with. They were both married at the time but neither cared. Had a one night stand, broke up many families and destroyed many lives. The guy is no gem either. He is a hot head jerk who blames the world for the one night stand. Can’t believe he found someone to have sex with him because he is quite boring in bed and usually doesn’t have good hygeine. They deserve each other. Giselle will continue having sex with older married men and getting pregnant so she can continue to pay her bills. It’s her only way.

Gary Cunningham/Brittni Blocker, Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Jennifer Grace (Henning) Smith, Cherry Valley, Illinois

This is Jennifer Grace Smith; Jenn, JenJen, or Jenny Smith- formerly Henning. This married woman/mother moved in on a vulnerability in my marriage. Granted- my husband cheated with her. It WAS his fault for cheating, but after we had decided to work out our 20+ year marriage this tramp kept persuing him. I was ok with letting karma catch up with her, but she would not leave the issue alone!; After being told to bugger off repeatedly by both of us, she took it upon herself to continuously text, call and physically show up over the next bunch of weeks. She would text him with secret symbols and anytime she stirred up problems she’d find him at work and ask if we had broken up yet. Waves, looks, hand signals from across the distances when she though no one was looking. Hubby ended up quitting his job due to her very unwanted advances.; She took it upon herself to text me with all the affair details in an effort to tell on my hubby. She claimed she had come clean to her own hubby… Boy was Bobby Smith surprised to find out what he already knew!!; Watch out…. this little girl (only little in maturity) will go to great lengths to get what she wants. She even told her step daughter all about the affair (of course before her hubby knew- classy)!! And to think, on her FB page she talks about how proud she is to be a role model to her daughters. Nice.; She is so classy that she will just put the back down in her Trailblazer right there in Spencer Park in Belvidere IL and strip down naked to satisfy her urges (hey- who needs a hotel??). Watch out for this one- NO MORALS!!

Allison Citrolo, Commack, New York

She was coming on to my husband convienced him I was cheating when In fact that wasn’t true. She slept with him 4 times. When he tried to end it she told him I have you where I want you. And would threaten to tell me . She only goes after married men . She told my husband that she slept with 99 people. And she is married her poor husband deserves a real woman. My husband was relieved I found out !!! Because she is sick . Very inappropriate person. She sends nasty nudes and things you wouldn’t expect from a married woman . They dated in 10 th grade and he hurt her. I guess she thought she would ruin his life if i found out….

Heather Peacock Biggs, Bay St Louis ( Bayside park), Mississippi

This woman is ruthless. she doesnt care if the man is single, married, living with someone. all men are fair game to her. she is engaged to a man she has never met and claims they getting married but she is the BAYSIDE PARK HOE! she will tell all these men she knows her roll and is ok with it. she attempted to do this with my bf and he blew her off but will not leave him alone. she stalks him, even making multiple pages to see what he is doing and eventually leaving him creeper messages telling him what she wants to do with nasty pics. watch your men in Bayside park because she doesnt care who she hurts and honestly as many people as she has been with, I would be careful with so many STDS out. Nasty Hoe! Has many alias. I mean she has like 10 fb page with different names. she gets her eye on someone and makes a page saying they getting married and uses his last name. CRAZY!!!