cassiie marie, Newark Ohio, International

I see she is already on here, I would like to say something about her also,she has slept with every man in Newark and if she hasn’t slept with you its because your not showing her attention,just ask my man, he slept with her a couple months ago and now she has a baby?,my mans best friend slept with her and they text everyday I have proof of her texting him so does he,he has been trying to let her man know,but we can’t find out her mans name so he needs to see this hopefully he does because she has a baby and has always choosen the bed over bread & family if a man walks up to her and talks to her shell give out her number like a peice of candy she calls her self “Cass Cass yellowbone”she looks like an albino gorilla which I can say sense she has literally made fun of me because I had breast cancer and lost both breast,makes her ugly inside&out

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