CALLEE AUGUSTUS, Chattanooga, Tennessee

So this 21 year old HOMEWRECKER “CALLEE AUGUSTUS” started working at NISSIAN BRAKES in Rock springs, GA. Well Steven and I were together for 3 years and found out we were expecting a baby back in JUNE. Well Steven had been working at NISSIAN BRAKES in Rock springs, GA as the team lead. Well CALLEE was one of his employees. She was in a relationship at the time also. Well end of JULY 2017 Steven started treating me so bad and I had gut feeling that there was someone else. Well I had horrible all day vomiting throughout June, July, and August and still do if I run out of the very expensive medication ZOFRAN. He was excited about the baby and we were working through our issues until CALLEE started throwing herself at my man while they worked 3rd shift together. Well apparently everyone at the job was encouraging them two to be together. They all knew about me and CALLEE knew Steven and I were together and we lived toegther of course. She knew we were expecting a child and she left the guy she was with and while Steven was in the bed sleeping cuddled up next to me she calls his phone. Well he stopped calling me at work and answering my calls so I knew it was the girl that he had been fucking off with. She wanted to come to my house and I guess lie straight to my face and try and smile in my face. I tripped out well I was forced to leave the next day which was AUG 24th. They knew each other 3 weeks and bec this child doesn’t know how to respect another womens relationship I am not pregnant, alone, and I am so heartbroken. I honestly never saw this coming and she looks like a child. I am 26 btw and he is 30. She moved in with him in my house the same day I left! Was sleeping in the bed him and I shared hours after me. I feel like I didn’t even know this man. He wanted a baby so bad and I didn’t. I wanted to wait well he made he got me pregnant and now I get a baby that now I guess he doesn’t want. I wouldn’t know he could care less about me! The guy is the man I was with 3 years ago and those are the pics I get tortured with. His name is Steven Hensley and I thought he was a good man. She has cheated on every guy she has been with and I believed every word Steven said bec at the time I had no reason not to but now I do know he is a cheater and a liar! They were screwing while working at NISSIAN BRAKES IN ROCK SPRINGS GA OFF THACKER RD. That is sad that they let employee screw at work and do drugs on the property and while at work. Maybe if rules were in place then this wouldn’t of happened. I don’t know but this has really screwed up my life and the future that I was supposed to have with him. She was in my old room when she took the pictures!

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