Bri Housler, Marion, Indiana

My husband of 21 years walked out of our lives 2 weeks ago. A “switch just flipped” and he didn’t want to work on our marriage, he didn’t want to go to counseling; he just wanted out. I was devastated. He’s all I have ever known; my family and he just walked out. I thought this was all a mid life crisis since he’s 40. Then our son tells me, with tears in his eyes that his dad has a girl friend-this is after he’d told me there was no other women; this was his “journey”. My son said this girl told his dad that she loved him and she was happy he was getting divorced. So not only has he cheated perhaps physically but he’s violated us emotionally to a woman who doesn’t even know us. She has small children, she works where he does as well as sells Pure Romance (dont’ be setting up any parties with her, because you mind find yourself without a man). My husband not only broke my heart but that of our children. We have one still at home that is devastated. He denies it but this is the second time. The last time he says he had a girl “claim” she was having an affair with him to get me to file for divorce. However, this girl here went so far as to make some declaration of love. My husband has been over the top miserable to me and has been cruel. I guess I would be mean too if I had a girlfriend who has small children that he can be around yet he can’t be around his own son or even call his boy. Both of these women work at Wal-Mart DC in Gas City and I thought Walmart had a thing about messing with co-workers and having some sort of ethics? Guess they promote scandal on the work place.

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