Bobby M, Jamesville, New York

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Ladies and gentlemen meet miss Sara and Bob. Sara is a 20 year old little whore who likes to sleep around. Watch your man ladies! She has no shame. This is Bob. Bob is a 30 year old habitual liar and cheater!! He can never stay faithful in a relationship. Bob also likes to prey on younger women because they are ignorant and vulnerable. Bob likes to use social media to meet these young girls (especially MySpace) The younger women are the only ones to believe his bullshit lies. Bob has cheated on Sara countless times and Sara being ignorant and stupid on top of her sluttiness ways she continues to stay with bob. Sara was even informed of this on several occasions. Bob doesn’t care about Sara. He’s just with her because she’s ignorant and he can get away with all his womanizing ways. You would think a successful paramedic like bob would strive for someone more successful and more his age. On the other hand a “child” rarely has a successful career. Ladies beware of this one!

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