Anthony Michael Caruvana, Cape Canerval, Florida

.; My husband is pretending he has cancer is a narccacist fucking bastard of 54 that used me for 12 years married me AFTER he was facing his third domestic violence charge and was facing prison so the logical thing to do was lie to me so I would hide him against the law so he got married he waited three and a half years after which he played zombie shutdown I had a stroke I’m 43 from stress from him he left me the day before Christmas Eve he only calls me to get laid he is a piece of s*** he is f****** Dawn McFarland Piazza some skank ass w**** from 25 years ago his first marriage he cheated on his wife too he will cheat with anything and everything I encourage you all to look him up he is on every adult website and he’s on Plenty of Fish there aren’t many married men on Plenty of Fish with gray hair and the dog from Cape Canaveral Florida. and he had his Dirtbag nephew move in move down from New York he was kicked out of the Marine Corps gee I wonder why I guess drugs are not encouraged in the Marines after he begged him to move in with him the condo that he stays in the guy committed suicide after living with Anthony for 2 weeks so he’s since then claimed it as his own. The scum bastard works at Nasa and he is screwing them again cleaning he has cancer he does not have cancer I assure you he is a sick lunatic on so many levels as a matter of fact he screws people and then blocks them on his Facebook account one Barbara taggard he was screwing when he first met me and then after we got married he listed her as his sister how disgusting is that? His first ex-wife I have to wonder and I always did why they divorced she divorced him smart woman and she plays him like a fool she used to annoy the crap out of me I Now understand why she did what she did because he is an a****** every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie everything he tells you is a lie I know again he has been in jail more times than I can count for being the crap out of me he is a quote-unquote recovered alcoholic thanks to me he is a scumbag if you ever come across him again Anthony caruvana he goes by Tony caravana he works at NASA in the contracts division you want his number I’ll give it to you his cell phone number his work number call him up tell him he’s a piece of s*** I encourage everyone to bother him pester him. karma is a b**** but every now and then even she needs a nudge his cell phone is 321-210-9294 his NASA work phone number is 321 867-8684 think Bernie Madoff he looks like him he acts like him he is him he belongs in jail.

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