Anthony Michael Caruvana, Cape Canerval, Florida

321-210-9464 321-210-9464 is his cell phone 321-867-3464 is his work cell phone at NASA his address is 178 long Pointe Avenue Cape Canaveral Florida 32920 the condo that he stays that was acquired because his property owner who lived there previously killed himself two weeks after he moved in so he is living there in Probate with his Dirtbag nephew who he begged to move down and told me that too was planned I don’t know sounds fishy to me he has multiple arrests for DUIs beating the crap out of me the only reason he married me four and a half years ago was to avoid prison by the time he married me I was stricken with a disability I had just gotten over and live through sepsis and he took me from sepsis to stroke I am 43 he’s 54 he left me 6 months after I had a stroke cataract surgery in both eyes I was going to rehab for my physical therapy I was off all medications for pain he’s such a love don’t you want them go for it I encourage everyone also to go to the Brevard County efacts and look him up all you have to do is the name search enter Anthony Michael caravana his date of birth is August 1st 1963 and third dates January 1st 1986 through present in order to see his entire rap sheet you will see how many times he had me lie to judges to get him off you would think that I belong on the Jerry Springer Show I don’t the man will make you crazy he is a narcissistic Pig as I said previously he has altered his appearance dramatically he has a beard and literally looks like a Q-tip the clothes he now wears are the Dead Man’s sleeps in his bed he is mentally Disturbed he actually replaced me and his dog immediately he sent me a message a text message December 20th before we went up to see our parents in New Jersey for Christmas and by January 20th he was already in love with Dawn macfarland Piazza a skanky ass b**** that he was f****** during his first marriage 25 years ago he likes to keep them around and they boy oh boy do they come running he is impotent now limp dick and cannot perform he likes to pretend to be from New York the that was not even a remote possibility and none of his family lives in New York he was raised in Long Valley New Jersey after Hurricane Irma he did not call me before a category 5 hurricane to make sure I was going to be okay God forbid he called me afterwards because he wants his piece of the insurance money. I’m telling you Bernie Madoff through and through he is such a dirtbag. Please send him letters call him text him tell him what a piece of s*** he really is the man thinks he’s Above the Law and he’s not he is the lowest form of trash known to man

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