Angie Cantu, Rockport, Texas

Angie metmy husband in Kenedy, TX. She met him at a gas station. She approached his truck and invited him to eat with her at the local DQ in Kenedy, TX. She asked him specifically if he was married like she only wanted a married man. I’m not excusing my husband at all. He works in the oilfield and to my knowledge this had never happened before. She pursued him with the filthy talking and trashy advances until I found out about it 2 weeks later. She continued to send him and myself filthy communication even after she was told by my husband to not contact him in any way. We are working through this for our families sake but not sure it is something I can get over. This woman sent me some filthy messages about her encounter with my husband. She’s a nasty, filthy, woman and works At a jail near rockport!; Beware if you know her! She’s the lowest class of low there is!

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