Amber Irene Magruder, Martinsburg, West Virginia

amber Irene Magruder will take your man anywhere to fuck him doesn’t matter she will take him by the creek . She thinks she can have everyone she wants shell text them out of nowhere and send pictures. She will leave her kids behind and go out and do what she wants. But there’s no need for my man to write you cause you talk about you not the one who’s more important. Your the one who relies off child support and a man. Cause you can’t get it and do anything like a women. That’s all you worry about when that child support gonna roll in. Your a whore and leave cum rags every where and think you can fuck everyone’s man. Don’t worry you won’t be married soon. That’s why i got a promise ring and he has one to.. stop being jelous and go on with your life.. stop cheating on your man… When you ain’t telling him nothing bout what’s going on and what you do.. she has like four or five fCeboos so watch it.. and make sure she don’t try hitting your man up..

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