Amanda Ferguson, Shelbyville, Texas

Amanda contacted my husband via Facebook. At the time our marriage was extremely strained, I had recently been diagnosed with cancer, was pregnant and our teenage son was recovering from a major car accident. I had become very withdrawn and we hardly communicated at all. She was nice to him, complimented him, made him feel good. My husband claims that in the beginning it was just conversation but became personal as she told him that she was married twice before and how she had been physically and verbally abused. How her exes didn’t appreciate her passion for sex. The relationship quickly escalated. I found out about the affair after they had already been sleeping together. The pain of coming across the countless texts messages, emails and seeing her numerous disgusting photos on my husband’s phone was excruciating… I asked questions that I wish I hadn’t asked. To make it worse after I found out about the affair and after he told her that I knew, she began to harass me and my kids. She told my son that his dad was leaving me and didn’t love us, she contacted our friends giving them details and claiming to be confused that he hadn’t contacted her. My husband changed our numbers, we closed our Facebook accounts. At this point my husband and I are living apart, my kids are a mess and the whole town knows. In my opinion there is no justification. I’ll pick up my pieces and move on but for the rest of the world beware, this woman portrays herself as a godly, modest, loving mother and even works at a school. After I did some investigating I found that this is not her first affair with a married man. She’s cunning and manipulative, finding men that are vulnerable, and have something to offer. My husband is friends with several college coaches and she wanted him to help her launch her sons baseball career. She apparently also felt he could financially benefit her. Cheating husbands are worthless but they wouldn’t be able to cheat if woman like this didn’t give them opportunity.

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